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Transportation services in India are very vast and is one of the most heavily utilized in the world. For long distance travel in India, Airways and Railways are the best mode of transport. Of late, the prices of airfares have become quite economical and regular connectivity ensures timely travel. Railways are the next best options to cover long journeys in India. Though it might take a couple of hours or even a day or two, but the journey is comfortable and travelling in Indian trains is an experience not to be missed for any traveller. 

Bus Travel

Buses are apt mode of transport if one wants to travel from one city to the other, which are closely located. Gone are the days when only the local buses use to travel from one place for another. These days, hi-tech buses like AC Volvo and even sleeper buses are available, which make the journey of the passengers very comfortable and stress-free. There are various buses that conduct tours and tourists can enjoy a trip on them as well. 

Sea Route

Sea, which once served as one of the major means of transport in India, still remains a popular means of transport to travel to the nearby-located islands like Andaman and Lakshadweep. Also there are many regions in Kerala where the traditional boats are used to travel. 

Local Travel

Local transport in India is confined to local buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws. Of late, metro services have also begun, but there are only a few cities where this means of transport is available. Auto rickshaws are the soul of most of the cities as it is the most convenient way to travel within the city. The prices are quite moderate but make sure that you travel on metered auto rickshaws in India and pay according to that only. In small cities, there is no system of metered auto rickshaws and tourists need to decide the price of the travel before sitting on the auto. Shared auto rickshaws are also common means of transportation in India. 


The option of taxis in India, too is limited to only a few cities like Mumbai and Kolkata and their charges are also economical. Travelling on a cycle rickshaw is a unique experience that can be enjoyed in most of the small cities and towns and even in the suburbs of various metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata.

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