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health advice
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  • For the first few days it might be advisable to clean your teeth in bottled water.
  • Eat fruit you can peel.
  • Always wash fruit well before eating it.
  • Wash your hands before and after eating.
  • Always keep a tube of mosquito repellent with you.
  • Always carry a kit of the basic emergency medicines you might need for diarrhoea, fever, etc. along with band aids and an antiseptic ointment.
  • If you do catch a bug, do not panic. It will go away in a few days - but try the following tips to keep it down:
    • Drink lassi - a yoghurt drink. It will help tone down the bacteria.
    • Eat plain rice or try a simple khichdi - an easily digestible mixture of rice and lentils.
    • Drink plenty of coconut water. It's cooling, and naturally sterilized!
    • Drink plenty of fluids and take some electrolyte salts if the bug persists.


  • In India, public toilet facilities are few and far between, and those that are there should not be ventured into. Take every opportunity you can to use a clean a toilet in places such as hotels and restaurants. Make this a habit wherever you go.
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