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Pondicherry, a splendid blend of occident and orient, was once a French colony. It is also referred to as the Quintessence of French Culture. A small fishing village once existed here in 1673, when the French first settled a trading post here. Since then French exercised control over it except for brief periods when the district passed into the hands of Dutch and British.
Today, Pondicherry has proudly acquired the reputation of being one of the best meditation centre in the worlds along with a collection of related activities. It is the most appropriate holiday centre for those in quest of a relaxed, leisurely holiday while simultaneously imbibing Indias great spiritual and cultural heritage.

Mammallapuram (Mammallapuram)

Mammallapuram (also know as Mamallapuram) located 60 kms South of Chennai, nestling on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, was once a port of the Pallavas. The Pallavas were creators of some of the best monuments with Sculptural Panels, Caves, Monolithic Rathas and Temples.
Once a thriving port trading with many distant nations, Pallava chisels have breathed life into stone. The Pallavas’ art emphasises on robust eatherly beauty, imbibed with life. These monumental splendours along with the sunny beach resorts have been attracting tourists from all over the world. The collection of various historic monuments built between the 7th and 9th century has gained the spot a classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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