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                Srirangapatnam is located about 127 km southwest of Bangalore and about 12 km from Mysore. Famous as the Tipu Sultan's former capital, Srirangapatnam is a picturesque island in the Cauvery River. The biggest of the three islands in the River Cauvery, it is about 5 km long and 2km wide. If you are searching for a scenic and quiet spot, this island can be delightful for you.


                                                                    How to reach  

 By Air

  Bangalore is the nearest airport about 125 km from here.  

 By Rail  

  The nearest railhead is Mysore that is connected to other major junctions like Bangalore and Hassan.  

 By Road  

  Srirangapatnam is well connected to Mysore about 12 km, Hassan and Bangalore about 125 km.  

                                                              Places to Visit 

Tipu Sultan's Fort:  

  The Tipu's Fort or Srirangapatnam Fort, having a double wall defense, is the main center of attraction here. This fort is considered as the second most strongest in India. The fort has four gates named as Bangalore, Mysore, Delhi and Water and Elephant gates. Along the battlements, there are two dungeons in which prisoners were kept. Lalmahal, the Tipu's residence within the fort, has been completely razed and is now just a mound marked by a notice board. Picturesque Wellesley Bridge is located very near to the fort. Near the bridge, you can spot the breach on the fort wall made by the British forces  

Sriranganatha Temple  

  : One of the largest temples of south India and a blend of Hoysala and Vijyanagar architecture, it commands great respects among pilgrims. The name of the town has been derived from it. It consists of a Maha Dwara (giant gate) with a huge tower and a many-pillared hall. Within lies the colossal image of Lord Vishnu, on the back of a snake, dark as the night with a benevolent smile. Visits to this temple give you a refreshing change from the usual sobriety of prayer.  

Dariya Daulat Baug  

  located just outside the fort, across the main road is Dariya Daulat Baug (the garden of the wealth of the sea). Tipu Sultan's wooden summer palace built in the year 1784, was his favorite retreat. Made of teak, the structure has ornate and beautiful frescoes. This lavishly ornamented building now houses a museum of Tipu memorabilia, explaining eloquent stories of Tipu's valor and his loosing battle with the British. The interesting features of this palace are numerous murals, depicting scenes from Tipu's military career and the kings who owed allegiance to Tipu. There is also a good collection of period furniture, coins, fabulous paintings and historical data of Hyder Ali and Tipu's conquests in the museum.  

The Gumbaz  

  Located outside the fort is the Gumbaz where lie the tombs of Hyder Ali and Tipu with splendid ebony door inlaid with ivory. It's a masterpiece structure with a high-rise platform and a verandah of polished black basalt pillars all round. On the either side of the road stand two structures with typical Islamic domes on top. These are lofts for the birds as both Hyder and Tipu were fond of racing pigeons.

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