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                          Mangalore is picturesquely located between Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, lying on the backwaters formed by the converging Netravathi and Gurpura rivers. The city, it is said, derives its name form the goddess Mangaladevi, the goddess of fortune in whose name a temple was built here in the 9th century by King Kundavarma. With an important port situated here, this coastal town has emerged as a major commercial center exporting coffee, cashew nuts and fishes. Mangalore is famous for its beautiful, exotic, lustrous and virgin beaches and rightly so known as the ' Entry point to Beach Country’. It has some well known temples- Mangaladevi, Kadri Manjunatha (which houses the exquisite icon of Trilokeshwara, considered to be one of the best in the country.) The St. Aloysius Chapel has a rich collection of paintings of Moschemi, the Italian Jesuit.


                                                                How to reach  

By Air

  The airport at Bajpe is nearest, about16 km from the city centre. Major airlines are operating flights from here.  

By Rail  

  Mangalore has a railway junction connected to Bangalore and Mumbai.  

By Road  

  The place is well connected with neighboring areas by roadways.  

                                                        Places to Visit  

Shri Venkataramana Temple  

  It was believed that temple was founded during 17th century A.D. (1735). The present idol erected in main sanctum of Lord Sri Venkataramana of temple is said to be original symbolic idol of the Lord Sri Venkataramana. It is also said, Sri Mahla Pai from a noble family of Mangalore belonging to Gowda Saraswatha Brahmin Community of Kaushika lineage erected bronze idols of Lord Sri Veera Vittala and Lord Sri Gopalakrishna. Inside the main sanctum of the temple, there established idols of deities - Goddess Sri Devi and Goddess Bhoodevi along with main deity Lord Sri Veera Venkatesha, festive idol of Lord Srinivasa, Shri Mula Venkaaramana, Garuda Vahana Shri Gopalakrishna and Shri Veera Vittala.  

 The Kadri Manjunatha Temple  

  The other old temple of aging 1068 A.D. is Kadri Manjunatha Temple. It is said that the incarnation of Shri Vishnu, Shri Parashuram had installed the Shivalinga and named it as Manjunatha at Kadali Kshetra (Kadri). The speciality of the temple is that spring water flows out as a stream through an outlet known as Gomukha below the seat of idol of Lord Ganesh. This water is conveyed to the 9 Tanks by the side of the temple. The tanks are situated at a higher level and Manjunatha Temple at a lower level approximately 100 ft. There is a mutt belonging to Nath Cult. Next to the Mutt is a cave called Pancha Pandava's Cave. Over the Kadri hills a park is situated called "Kadri Park", which is a home to a few wild animals. It is also known as "Deer park". Also in the same area a children's park is provided with a children's train. This place also hosts a Flower show organized by the Horticulture Department every year.  

 Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathy Temple  

  Situated on the heart of the city Hampankatta, it is one of the famous ancient temples of South Kanara District. The origin and importance of the temple is narrated in skanda purana. Sharabeshwara and Mahaganapathy are the principal deities in the temple. The chief God Sharabheshwara situated in front of the temple but the popular Mahaganapaty attracts devotees is situated to the south of the temple. Vinayaka Chathurthy August-September Simha Maasa is most important festival for Mahaganapathy. But the utsavas starting from Chandramana Ugadi continues for 9 days in the main annual festival for Sharabheshwara.  

Church of Our Lady of miracles  

  Bishop Thomas de Castro, a Theatine priest of Salesette, built the Church of Our Lady of Miracles, better known as Milagres Church of Mangalore, in 1680. It is thus more than 320 years old. This Church is situated in Hampankatta of Mangalore city and it is famous for its architectural construction.  

 Pilikula Nisarga Dhama  

  The Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is situated nearly 10Km away from Mangalore highway road at Moodushedde. This offers a panoramic view for the nature lovers. It is a very significant place with Botanical gardens, Horticultural gardens, Musical fountains, deer park, swimming-lake with boating facilities, tiger safari and children train. It extends to an area of 350 acres land along the tropical jungle on the bank of the Gurpur river.  

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