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Climate in India plays a very important factor in deciding the time to visit the country and tourists should be aware of the fact the climate in the north is very distinct from the climate in the southern part of India. Climate in India can be generally categorized by three seasons – summer, winter and Monsoon, and each can vary in duration from north to south. The most pleasant time to visit India is during the months from November to mid-February. Follow the below mentioned Indian climate guide before planning your visit to India.

The Hot

  The Indian subcontinent experiences summer from the months of April till June. The heat starts to dwell by the month of March and by April and May it is in its prime, making it a difficult time for enjoying a holiday. In North India, temperatures can go up to 40oC and this is the best time to head for the various hill stations in North India. South Indian climate is comparatively cooler in summer and tourists can plan a visit. 

The Wet

The advent of monsoons can be felt from July. Monsoons do not appear just suddenly but start steadily from the Southern India and sweeps the whole country by the beginning of July. Monsoon cools down the temperature a little, but the humidity continues to make it unpleasant. Rains in North India is comparatively less intense as compared to the coast of South India where the southwest as well as heavy northwest monsoon brings heavy showers that last from around October to early December. The major festivals in South India are also held during this season.


As soon as the monsoon subsides, the cold waves begin to engulf North India. Starting from the month of November till March, the hill stations in North are shrouded with snow. The temperature in South India however, remains very cool and pleasant. This is the time when most of the tourists visit India. While Ladakh is closed due to heavy snowfall, the major cities like Delhi and other northern cities can become extremely cold. This is the ideal time for tourists wanting to enjoy snowfall. The cities in South India are surprisingly very pleasant during this period and are ideal for enjoying a peaceful holiday among the greenery abound hill stations.

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